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Simple, fast, and secure blockchain-powered fintech solutions for enterprises and governments
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Capital Markets

Launch a cutting-edge digital securities platform using our Enhanced Distributed Ledger for Exchanges (eDLX) for the creation, issuance, management, and secondary market trading of regulated digital assets.



Connect your customers with your business using our mWallet for payments, money transfers, and loyalty programs, with the ability to extend the platform to other mobile banking services and the creation of a neo-bank.

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KYC & Digital Identity

Onboard and manage your counterparties with our SiriusKYC platform used for digital identity ownership, instantly verifiable KYC claims, zero-knowledge proof verification, blacklisting, and credentials management.


Core Banking

Get your neobank off the ground in a matter of months versus years with a simple and cost-efficient framework and protocol for digitalized banking services.


ProximaX Technology

The ProximaX Sirius development and infrastructure platform powers our fintech solutions. ProximaX Sirius combines blockchain with further distributed service layers: storage, streaming, and Supercontract (enhanced smart contracts). The platform is available in private, public, hybrid, and consortium network configurations.


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